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a... violentt hhlloen in baltimor.. &p just as a new feddral ltr.isllon o
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&pnight.. two men . wereeshot nd killed ii baltimore,.../ two more were woundeddand anothhr stabbed...//.it's thee patest rrund of violence ttat cooes as the fbi reports that violent crimes aaross the country are ctlly down bb reve hhmicideetally still places itt in tte top ten nationwide, population. and tonight police say they arr investigating a shooting at happened last night on north broadway: &pofcerwerle gvictim ce t sedpa oer police say the hootte on of baltimore.but there's one in particular - that will certainly be missee. 400 years after all!!!it'ssut ooange" tree aa druid hill g
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ceeturies ago.arborisss saa it was alem..aprtee oti. t mana &psurvive countless storms... gone.. experts will be able 's to cut it up... count its rings... and determine exactly how olddit is.
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removal experts face aaverr complex problem two massive &ptrees crushed this house on monday... rrmoving them without causing more damaae is compliccted... o a massive ne brt ..we... o a massive logs ont fall down.. so its vvry strategic... there's a method to the news at five"s ve ttg))) b-g-e says they have restored power to all ut about 5- percent of ccmers. are without power. hebmoas doptioast old - spping llne. lane. the 12 nnh main bbidge near morgan state universityycold spring lann iss closed completely from stadium it's open to local traffic
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only from hillen road to uld aast e neo ysilewwork to repair the main..oohomes were affected. 3supporters and opponenns f the maryland dream act...are maaing nelast push before eeection day. day.john rydell... on the battle over ballot .. question ffur...john... 3je.t..d lw. in-state maryland cclleges.but there are many be met... before...those must. students... qualify. supporters...say faacompromise. immigrants...have to graduaae...ffom a aryland e paid... staae income a mandoe taxes...for the past...three years. but supporters...and opppnents...aae still sharply pivided...overthe loogterr (gutierrez) "you know it just means i actually have the ooportunity now to go to ulve htoi become a minimum wage worker and my family wouldn't be able &pto pull out $40,000 of thherr"
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least cost thhee millioo o at - dolalrs as we ramp up over tte next thrre years, we'rr providing a taxpayee benefit to poeple who enred our rt aliore lloursirly spl...onntte maryland dream act.john ryddll, fox 45...nnws of the thattthe estion - eeectioo s aamost upon us do you plan to vote in favor of question ourr..the referendum ofoti domte tuition or antell us what yo tti. yoo caa also sound off throughh facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and you can &pteet your answer to 45203. enter fox45a for yes.. or and if you still have questionssreggrding t explanations of thh ream act referenddmm.. the same-sex marriigg referendum... nd tte refereedum to eexand gambling &pin maryland.. that's onday night at 11... rrggt here on fox45.
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reuph the poor conditions at heir apprtments. myranda stephens is here... with why neither the owner nor theecity... is claiming responssbility! &pthis all goes back to the noo-profit group... risoners aid association of maryland. the organization go bacc to th1800sburlis andoning severaof its residential properties. including his apartment building on gywnn oak faulkner lives. her apartment as mold... exposed wires... t shuttoff! frusatedh th todpg . sht n ction notice.... proving the uilding was bbing operated without a license! thh city confirmed this... utt &phas been difficult... beccuse n letynges arnow ak-oee! transser of property tt a stephanieefaulkner/tenant: ble - 1921 i don't have aaywhere else to o, i'm a single mother, so for me to haveeto savep again ffr another
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place security deposit it' s just harder on me 2 earlier this rller this monnh... the ity relocated several residents prom another prisoners aid property in northeaat properry was onsidered steppens, fox45 news at 5. t tt how are the roods looking tonig? tonight? brai prtor tfidgpo eo mabe40shp5p 3they were one of theyere one of the last
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neighborhoods to ggt theii power back after the deeecho st. &pstorm.neonht o net 50.e 3omes to restoring pooer. maaor health issues to across new jersey... works .he -
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nf al anatitsmust do today to speed he process along. 3 --adblib weather tz--
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with some forms of publlc transportation running again... many new yyrkers are eager to get moving.taka queensboro connects
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queens and manhattan.public ansportation servicess wre of super ssorm sandy..uses resumed their normal routes yesterday with detours and lg wa ttmliiebvitada the sttrm's passed, but, the work is just beeinning. beginning. people in new start fiiing paperwork for - fema assistance. davis says: "new jersey jey residents can start to get their paperwork in order today to try and begin getting federal help to deal with all the damage left by saady." politicians ledging to help jersey shorr coastaa communities get coo t t. s yy toonormal.. smaller communities are letting the effeets of the damage n their town sttll sink n.. (nats - i love my town)varela says: doolars worth of clothes furrituue, important documents
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pame in the watee as you can see it'' cracked through the this ii damaged " &pattempts to return to normal serviceeresumes in new york e s s a parts of new jeey... - three people traveling into maahattan... even though and gasoline to ffel hosee cars is ii short suuply.. despite all the hules.. people are trying to put these issues into perspective. outh say "i was very nus wweg tsidthusf uotfo and a half, if a ig wave came in, it would have bn devastating."davvs says: "recovery efforts could ake months with damage estimaaes &preaching into the billions. in reeds jersey... jennifer daviss fox news. earlier we told you abt the eam ba tiha ill immigrants. its our -&&pq four. tammy writes onnouu our-
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facebook paae.."no. i ppt my daughter through with no otherthrough on my ime." dime." but cyythia wirtess.. es. its no freand s xe oresppns ssy you will vote no. you go to fox-baatimore ot com you ccn also sound off through facebook. sen a tweet.. r 5a or44 more. and you can 3 &pit's not a matter of áifá a zombie pandemic will happenn.. but áwhen.á.that's according to a self proclaimed "zombie expert". whh presented is theory to a texas iveristy. matt mock... says yyu prepe amblathm way yu wouud for a tornado or of he zommieeresearch members..who makes up this soccety you may ask? "our board is made uppoo leading exppets from differt
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fies, somdior -edtivaedical school to leading neurossientissssacross the counnry who have developpd a 3-d model of zombie brainn driven by a biooogiccl infection, hat's rrally important becauseethey're legs anddteeth." t's &essential teeth." you may be aaking what qualifies him as an 3 experr?mock says he's always been obsessed with zombies and got a masters degree from new yorkkuniversity for studying zombies in cinema. 3 fatalities.lstis u the and we ccntinue to ee mmre shhccing vvdee of the affects of hurricane sandy...what nee and how is ssartedda chain - retion. 3 --adblib eether tz-- -
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i've always been lucky. flew 37 bombing missions over germany. made it home every time. i'm lucky to have good friends who are all still around, and we're all lucky to have a friend named ben. s ecoudi i'm lucky to have good friends who vensne. still around, and he's helping my 13 grandchildren afford college. he's my friend, ben.
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i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i'm honored to approve this message. saadyys wrath is caught on residenn...who films using his ccnnsee áthreeá trees fall in his neighborhood. oneeen fas inhidray t tac n v.a few seconds later... you can their neighbors' yard. -- react to story --
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-&p new att5:30...possible flooding still being mmnntored in the ccnowingo dam.what it means for the chesapeake bay... pnd the heaathscares assoccated with post- sandy as the gtsifr..mip. superstorm'' strength slowlyy
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5:23 pm fficials saa altr l sthe more dangeeo ri wtamio fthe mooe serious issues.... 46-106"water contamination is pnneooftheiggest problems in these types of hurricanes phe search floods areas where lines nd all of those places looked at what haapened for instance in katrina, ll the infection thhngs were related &pto coli." another problem many face...
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is having a good supply of the death toll from the fungal . meningitis outbbeak ris to twentyynine.aavirginia patienn has dded from the fungal meningitts tied to the tainted steroid outbreak.that raises plby ng &pcoounding center of framingham massachusetts. no powerr nooheat and now no shortage sweeping new jersey power- as residents line up in &pbbfore the immted gas supply
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is gone.aa verwhelled mass traasittsysttm and masse wer tageue tigmaanthteeres set to op ornight hommowneessarr hoping their nightmare will soon be over. 26-33"llst night i was ii a and i was aboot 50 feet from it and they rannout. you are not even guaranteee iffyou wait in line for an hour." 1:066112"they arr sayiigg sevvn days so that gives us &pfive more days without electricity, but we hoping new york governor andrew cuomo haa declared a transportattonn &psttte of emergency to last until friday. reception in.. new kkwsetsbisi sutore providers a-t-aad-t and networkssin the days following people crowding arouud a power strip to charge their phones on wednesdayyin new york.the move by the compaaies alloww customers to use ichevvrr twortsove he ty.rison new tonighh on foo 45 news t
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&p5:30...thee were one of the last neeghborhoods to get derecho storm.why o area e blear - it oysternomics 101. you stt with a u.enor namen. el rreussternomics 101. crf ers, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making delivers to more restaurants...
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which hire more workers. d th meaoroystermen. itik'she's my friend, ben.s. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. maryland before governor
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o'malley ut a moratorium in place. today,thh brother of one of the women oken kild is spkkng out. orjoeeis ic stmiivm id taentian
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explains ittwas 255years ago today... oken began his killing spree. 25 yeaas ago ttday.... steven oken committed his first murr. dmarre garvii ndt e hedd oken would kill two more ooen before he was aught and eventually executed. today the brotherrof oken's first victim is speaking out. out. 3 tookkhhs last breath. oken death row to be exxcuted in i could do agaan iiwould if free rooano is the brothhr of yoreerre wereem:5 25 yyarr ago? well it appened &ptonight 25 yeaas go yyahhi romano's siiter... was esterra3

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